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Course and Product Accreditation

The Institute of Place Management is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting professionals that are committed to managing, developing and making places better. Course or product accreditation by the Institute of Place Management demonstrates that it is recognised as developing the necessary standards of competency, skill and understanding required by the industry, together with a corresponding set of professional values and behaviours.

An accreditation of course or product by the Institute communicates that your Institution delivers the professional standards needed to meet the needs of the place management sector. Accreditation of courses and products is open to any Partner member of the Institute who delivers or are developing courses and products with a place management focus.

How to gain an accreditation

The institution administering the course or product will be asked to fill out an accreditation evidence form for the IPM team to review. The in-depth online form covers:

  1. An initial supporting statement, providing details of the course or product
  2. Distinctive features of the course or product
  3. How the course or product supports and or aims to develop the place management sector
  4. How the course or product fits with IPM's professional standards
  5. Target audience and expected intake/uptake of the course or product
  6. Measures in place for evaluation and improvement
  7. Quality assurance procedures

Once the form has been completed, the IPM will independently review the information and respond with any feedback necessary. Once the process is complete and IPM is satisfied with the information provided, the institution will be awarded an accreditation stamp for a 12 month period.


Course or product accreditation costs £650 plus VAT a year. Progress of the course or product will be reviewed every 12 months to ensure it still meets the institute's professional standards.

*This product is still in development and will be rolled out in the New Year. If you would like to register an interest in the product, please email our Membership Coordinator Rachel Nickeas
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